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Best Practices in order to achieve safe interactions in the activities carried out by tourism service providers to prevent and minimize contagion.


Read the National Protocol for Health Risk Management against COVID-19 for the Tourism Sector.


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How do I adhere to the protocol?

Check the steps below

What protocol applies to us?

There is a protocol for each sub-sector, available at the following link:


How to obtain the badge?

Read the National Protocol for Health Risk Management against COVID-19 for the Tourism Sector.


What is the supervisory entity for the measures established in the protocol? 

The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic

What are the four lines of action of the protocol? 

Self-protection, risk management, identification and traceability of contagion, and protection of life. 

For whom are the measures established in the protocol applicable? 

The measures will be applicable to all tourism service providers regardless of their size and organization. In addition to the application of these measures, specific guidelines and recommendations are established for each subsector. 

Who should guarantee the protection measures for employees in the sector? 

The employers of each of the employees in the sector. 

What are the main elements of risk management? 

Detection and monitoring of possible symptoms; ventilation, air conditioning and air quality; environmental cleaning and disinfection; capacity limitation and control; and waste management. 

What is a Health Protocol Compliance Officer? 

The OCPS is responsible for the implementation and observance of the prevention protocols against contagion in its workplace, both at the individual level and at the organizational level. This person must report to senior management and must be the point of contact with the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Tourism together with the UMAP. 

What are the Medical Units for Permanent Care? 

These units will be in charge of the continuous monitoring of collaborators and clients from the moment symptoms appear until they return to a normal state of health within the facilities / services provided. 

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